American in Paris

Patricia had excelled far beyond her friends in High School, so the councillors at her school sugguested that she should go to France to attend school. "Patty", as she preferred to be called, wasn't really certain she wished to be transferred to France. But, she had no choice.

Her parents wished for her to excel. Patricia would be living with her host family the Bouviers but she would be able to remain in contact with her parents. She would be meeting her "siblings", Javier and Jasmine. She didn't have any trouble befriending them but she definitely stood out at the boarding school.

Patricia was definitely the most "American" face anyone had seen. She was tall, lanky, and athletic. She was a pretty blonde with a lot of wit and wisdom that surpassed her years.

Many wouldn't think that by her youthful look, but her emerald eyes spoke volumes. Even though she felt out of place in the bording school she met some new acquaintences. She first met a sweet, pink-haired girl named Aelita Stones, who was the cousin of Odd. Odd was extremely personable and gregarious and she was pleased to meet him. At lunch, she was acquainted with the genius Jeramie, the enigmatic Ulrick and the mystic Yumi. She could tell that she was going to become close friends with all of them. However, she knew that Aelita wasn't like the others. There was something supernatural and etheral about her. As curious as Patricia was, she was deterimined to discover what was so intrieguing about Ms. Stones.

Little did she know that her explorations would lead her to worlds beyond her imagination.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity