Family Matters

The Bouviers were becoming worried about Patty. She was coming home at late hours, but her grades hadn't been suffering. Her actual family members hadn't heard too much from her and the Bouviers were beginning to become concerned. Patty had never been like this in the past. If she had any troubles, she would tell her host family immediately.

They decided they wanted to sit down with her and talk for a while. She didn't want to tell them about Lyoko, Carthage, Sector 5 or Aelita. They would think that she had blown a gasket. Besides, they would never understand how important freeing Aelita from the clutches of the sinister XANA was. Nonetheless, she listened to what they had to say and found a way to keep in touch with family and help her friends as much as she could.

It seemed that Jeramie was doing all he could to decode the encryption that Aelita had sent him from Sector 5. Franz Hopper's journals had helped somewhat but they didn't offer a solution to the conundrum that was keeping Jeramie up at night. Patty was worried for Jeramie, because she knew he needed to get some sleep. She convinced him that she would do some research herself for him. She was just as adept at working on the computer as Jeramie was and she vowed that she would find the key to unlock the encryption. XANA would be powerless to keep her from her past or the other mysteries surrounding her existence.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity