Off to the Lodge

Jim cleared his throat and began singing over the PA. Many of the students began joining him. One student, however, was looking a little down and out.

"Hey, Nicholas…What's wrong ?", Herve questioned, noticing Nick seemed out of sorts.

"Well, I know this sounds silly, but my pet lizard Steve passed away only recently…", Nick said, trying not to become too terribly choked up.

"It's ok to be sad about your pet. I remember Steve myself; he was a really cool lizard. I bet he had a fruitful life, living under your roof.", Herve said, patting his friend's arm.

"Yeah, I'm going to miss how he used to bob his head to music.", Nick said, sadly.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I bet he's still doing that in heaven.", Herve observed, happily. When Nick thought about that, it helped him feel much better. Still Nick's heart hurt somewhat knowing his reptilian friend was not going to be celebrating Christmas this year with him. Herve had a plan. Being one of the sneakier students, he had brought his cell phone along with him. With any luck, he could get a cell phone signal to the nearest pet shop and buy Nick a new 'Steve' just in time for Christmas.

The students walked off the bus still singing merrily and laughing as they unloaded the bus and admired the grandeur of the mountains. The crisp, fresh air made them all feel alive and many of them couldn't wait to strap on snowboards and carve through the newly-fallen powder. The climate was perfect, and the distance was also sensational. But activity on the mountain would have to wait until later.

Before long, the students were finding their quarters, claiming bunks and had soon been called out into the kitchen. Rosa, the lunch lady (and expert chef) had come to share her many different recipes for soup, as well as pre-made desserts she was happy to bring along with her. It was no wonder the bus hadn't tipped on the way there with so much bounty, especially since there would be more than enough left even after a week's rest and relaxation.

Soon after dinner, the students went out to play in the snow and the faculty went out with them as well. They were having as much fun as the children were, tossing up snow in the air and dodging snowballs. Often, one of them would be caught right in the middle of a snow raid and declare, "I'm hit ! I'm going down !" Others, like Taelia, were out on snowboards sailing down the hill as easily as you please. In the distance, they almost looked like birds without wings, and their flight seemed so effortless. As for Sissi though, she wanted to take her schnookums ice-skating, but Odd wasn't so sure he would enjoy it at first.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity