Gift Exchange Bash

There was a fresh Christmas tree in the den of the lodge and everyone had gathered there to begin the gift exchange. Rosa had set out her finest desserts and hot non-alcoholic wassail for everyone to snack on before the festivities really took off.

One by one, students exchanged and opened gifts and enjoyed chatting with one another. Traditional French Christmas carols were sung soon after all the gifts had been opened and then Jean Pierre stated quite clearly it was time to head to bed for the night. Tomorrow, they would be going mountain climbing with Jim's expert advice. They wouldn't be climbing too terribly high into the mountain range, but high enough so they could see the breathtaking scenery below. For those who would have difficulty scaling the mountain, they would have plenty of help and wouldn't have to worry, but Herve wouldn't be going. He would be staying behind with the small faction of students that had acrophobia. They would play board games together and slay boredom in that fashion. Besides, they didn't think they would be missing anything too terribly exciting after all.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity