The Merriment of Christmas Day

By the time the Kadic Gryphon family and the Lyokians awoke the next morning, the snow was still fresh on the ground and shining ever-so-beautifully, like a sea of diamonds glistening in the sun's brilliant rays. Today was December 25th, Christmas Day. And everyone would be even more excited than when George appeared as Santa a few days before.

In a burst of excited giggles and chattering, the students had surrounded the Christmas tree waiting to rip open their presents. The professors and faculty, following soon after, joined them and were greeted by the sensational smell of sausages, pancakes, scrambled eggs, waffles, French toast and coffee cake. For those who didn't want that big of a breakfast, cereals and granola bars were offered, as well as instant oatmeal. No sooner had the children finished their breakfasts that they had eagerly gathered around the tree again, waiting to open their presents.

They were given a brief history of the Christmas tradition as well as what it truly signified. Even the Rosenheims celebrated as well, though they didn't celebrate Christmas. It didn't matter what their religion was. Christmas was more than that, and they knew that the most of all. Like every other person there, they looked forward to being close to family and friends and this particular holiday had brought everyone closer together. They shared presents, laughter, and hugs and kisses together. The agape in the air was palpable, but in a few minutes, everything had been cleaned up. The students and faculty packed up all of their belongings and loaded up the bus to return home to Kadic. The students themselves

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity