One Last Goodbye

Even in Lyoko, during Noel, XANA, although he had no parents to spend the holidays with, he wasn't alone. He had his surrogate family and friends around him and the hope of knowing one day everything he knew would be as he remembered. He remembered that from the compassion he had seen from the Warriors and their willingness to give of their time and offer help whenever they were needed. He knew that his beloved home would retain its harmonious serenity once again, even if the battles were long. For now, he reveled in the warmth and calm that the holiday season embodied and found himself sighing peacefully as he took in the scenery of the land once more before shutting his blinds and going to bed.

"Pleasant Noel, Warriors and many more in the future.", he said, in reverence before drifting off into a gentle slumber.

The school had decided to buy the cabin that they stayed in for the Christmas season. The cabin sold for $10,000, and Jean was willing to make the purchase. The Kadic Gryphon family would finally have a holiday retreat for years and years to come. This year's jubilant celebration was a blast, and many hoped that Kadic would have many more.
The children spent the remainder of the winter break with their parents, but came back home to Kadic soon after. It was somewhat distracting and saddening to leave their biological families, but the little ones knew they had their loving academic family with them every step of the way. The kids loved their presents they received, too.
Nicholas adored his new pet lizard. Steve II also bobbed his head to certain types of music, which made Nick very happy. He didn't know how to repay his best friend, but Herve reassured him that it was from the goodness and generosity of his heart. Despite that, Nicolas bought Herve the game for his Nintendo DS that he had been hinting at wanting.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity