Code Lyoko: XANA's Conquest is an upcoming, live-action, fan made movies, centering around new Lyoko warriors, as well as the old.


After the evil computer virus, known as XANA has been contained, it has been decided that Lyoko was to be extracted from the supercomper, put in a trunk under lock and chain, and tossed in the harbor at the edge of france, hopefully never to be seen or heard from again. 10 years later, a young boy in Weston Academy in Philadelphia, PA obtains the case, after retrieving it from his globetrotting brother, who purchase it from a street merchant that found in washed up on the shore of Miami 3 years prior, and him and his friends unlock the many secrets behind Lyoko. Now Jackson Michaels, Alexander Spellman, Dequan Johnson, Alyssa Grant, and Melinda Rodriquez, as well as the original Lyoko Warriors, must defeat XANA, and find out the true sinister past behind his creation

Production Status

It is still in the writing stage, and animators for the Lyoko scenes are still needed.