Code Lyoko X is a Fan-made TV show of the original series Code Lyoko, This is a alternate to the Code Lyoko story and the first TV show of Code Lyoko to not go with the original timeline of the original series (because it takes place in 2017 our current year). It will be more epic than the original series because like Japanese Anime it will have multiple story arcs with various enemies especially the one and only enemy of the group XANA. It will be released in January 28th 2018.

In This Series You Have A Total Of Eighty Eight Episodes. Twenty Six For The First Two Seasons Fifteen For The Third And Twenty For The Fourth The First Three Season's Were Written By Both Shoob12 And LyokoWarrior12 And Season 4 Up To Episode 199 Which Was Written By Shoob12 And The Two Part Episode Was Written By Shoob12 As Well.

Sympnosis A Couple Of 10th Graders Who Were Once Childhood friends reunite to try to be friends again until one kid gets targeted by an evil organization using the aid of a artificial Intelligence, Bent On World Domination.


Set 5 years since Code Lyoko ended, a 16 year old boy named Ulrich Stern moves away to New Jersey and then runs into an old virus/monster robot named XANA who Ulrich and his friends fought twelve years ago under the dominant control of the clients of his estranged parents.

Season 1 2017-2018

Episode # Name              
(1) The Return Of Xana Pt. 1
(2) The Return Of Xana Pt.2
(3) The Cortex Supercomputer
(4) Meeting Lester The Teenage Hacker
(5) Xana's Robots
(6) Bad Creepers
(7) The Attack On The Skid
(8) A Bad Turn Again
(9) The Attack Of Jonald Gruttatron
(10) Jonald Gruttatron's Revenge
(11) The Return Of The Colossus
(12) The Great Hunt
(13) Myddraal
(14) XANA's Lucky Day
(15) The Trap
(16) The Return Of Franz Hopper
(17) A New Lyoko Warrior
(18) Spark Morales Returns
(19) Xana's New Body
(20) Professor Tyron Attacks
(21) Jonald Gruttatron Strikes Back
(22) A False Start
(23) Ultimate Mission: Destroy The Cortex
(24) Fight To The Death
(25) Friend's Are Family Pt.1
(26) Friends Are Family Pt.2

Season 2 2018-2019

Episode # Episode Name Plot
(27) Rise Of A New Evil
(28) Meeting The First Demon
(29) The Flaming Head Attacks Again
(30) A Great Day  
(31) Echoes
(32) Happy Saint Valentines Day Bai Tza the Water tengu decides that she is going to terrorize a High School Prom to steal her 'beloved' boy, but to really sacrifice him to the Flaming head for his return. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were relaxing in their hotel until they heard the attack from Bal Tza they had to go stop her once and for all. Meanwhile Bai Tza was making a plan of how to destroy the high school prom and Ulrich and Yumi had to stop her since it was only them and since these new villains weren't from Lyoko or worked with Xana. So Ulrich and Yumi once again they took their weapons and soon went to Bai Tza and they saw her attacking the high school as she was trying to make the other kids disappear forever as she was thinking that Jeremy and the others lived in New Jersey but since she doesn't know much about them she only saw Ulrich and Yumi as they showed up she knew what she had to do she had to get the data from them so she can help rebuild the Cortex after it was destroyed more then nine weeks ago. Ulrich and Yumi soon were battling Bai Tza and were fighting to the death. Ulrich and Yumi had a hard time because Bai was very strong and powerful from her last encounter against Ulrich and Yumi. Ulrich and Yumi had to save Valentines Day from being ruined from Bai Tza as she was ruining it. Soon Ulrich and Yumi had defeated Bai and made her run off and soon the high school valentines day dance was saved and Ulrich and Yumi soon went and they had a very fun night.
(33) Ulrich And Yumi Save Thanksgiving Surt summons Dai Gu, The Earth Tengu to attack a Thanksgiving feast held by the most powerful family in Cape May, the Isle Family, the attack was sucessful and the heir of the Isle Family Emma Isle begins to try to get help from Ulrich and Yumi. Yumi and Ulrich refuse because they had dealt with Emma's bratty stupidly after the incident in her high school's prom. They enter the Isle family residence and they find out it is the biggest gathering of famous people and commoners who are from North Jersey, New Jersey and South Jersey, nobody else is invited. Then Yumi, Ulrich and Emma start investigating and they find out it's the work of Dai Gu. Emma sneaks away as she leaves Yumi and Ulrich fight off Dai Gu. While Ulrich and Yumi fight off Dai Gu they were doing great they had to stop him from ruining the thanksgiving feast and which it was hard so they had to come up with a plan without any help from the others and they remembered that they are both a team and they can do this. Soon Ulrich and Yumi defeated Dai Gu and everyone at the Thanksgiving feast was saved.
(34) Ulrich And Yumi Save Thanksgiving 2 Last year Ulrich and Yumi had saved Thanksgiving from Dai Gu and everyone had a great night. But now this year they have to rescue thanksgiving from the 2nd demon who has a plan to make sure that this year no one gets to have thanksgiving or celebrate it with their families. One day Ulrich and Yumi were busy at their house in New Jersey when suddenly So Ban, the Amber Tengu showed up and told Ulrich and Yumi that he was going to destroy thanksgiving and make sure it never happens again. Ulrich and Yumi were going to make sure that it never happens they both said that they will stop him from ruining thanksgiving. So Ban has attacked a bunch of houses already and he has mentioned to them that they will no longer have a thanksgiving holiday with their families. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi are still battling Dai Gu as all three of them were still going on Ulrich and Yumi were running out of time because Thanksgiving was almost over and they don't have Jeremy to help them this time. As Ulrich and Yumi were about to give up suddenly Yumi had an idea she told Ulrich and they carried out the plan and soon they defeated Dai Gu once again but they did have call Jeremy to launch a return to the past as soon as Jeremy did that everything was normal again.
(35) Ulrich And Yumi Save Christmas Shi Lang, The Tengu of Frost and Rogue Fu the Tengu of Fire plan to invade the North Pole thinking Santa Claus is there, because they want an Christmas gift that can free Surt and their kin from the Negative World. They end up going to the North Pole and realize it never existed and they decide to then find Yumi's dad's family in Tokyo. Ulrich meanwhile decided to save Christmas from Shi Lang. Meanwhile Shi Lang was planning on destroying Christmas by invading the north pole and destroying it and having santa destroyed and have him killed for good. Ulrich soon found out what he was gonna do and he took his sword and went to the north pole to stop Shi from ruining Christmas. Later when Ulrich got to the north pole Shi was already there and he had tied up Santa and was about the destroy him until just then Ulrich stopped Shi by attacking him and threw him across the north pole until he made a retreat and soon Christmas was saved by Ulrich and Santa soon thanked him and wished him a merry Christmas.
(36) Ulrich And Yumi Save Christmas 2 Fenrir, the Tengu of Destruction and Yami Ko the Tengu of Shadow attack Matt's house to get the warp gate on Christmas day. One day it was Christmas Eve and Ulrich and Yumi we're preparing for Christmas tomorrow morning just then Fenrir and Yami had both come to ruin Christmas by stealing all of the gifts so that no one can have a Christmas this year. Ulrich and Yumi must now find a way to stop them from ruining their Christmas and everyone else's Ulrich and Yumi both grabbed their weapons and so went after both Fenrir and Yami. Later that night it was midnight and Fanrir and Yami almost got all the gifts and Christmas was about to be ruined until Ulrich and Yumi arrived and started to attack them. Pretty soon Ulrich and Yumi soon stopped Fanrir and Yami and soon gotten all of the Christmas gifts and brought them back to everyones houses just in time before Christmas morning it was 4am and Ulrich and Yumi soon fell asleep and soon it was 6am and everyone woke up and they were opening their gifts and as for Ulrich and Yumi they just wished everyone a very merry Christmas.
(37) Demon World Pt.1 Yumi's extended family finally arrives thanks to the help of the Headmistress of Ulrich's private School Mrs. Jenkson and Ulrich's history teacher Mr. Hunter. Mr. Hunter stays on helping Yumi's paternal Grandfather and the elders of Yumi's maternal family research info on the Tengu Forsaken. Meanwhile in the Negative World, All the Demons are being punished by Surt for their failures and will be punished all the time until they come up with another plan. A plan was made when all the Tengu Forsaken arrived and they arrived with the Flaming head and they attacked the others and decided to go to the Tree of Life, Mr. Hunter reveals anxiously that the Tree of Life is a source of power created by Odin which can also change time. the gang tries to warp to chase the Tengu Forsaken before they gain their power unfortunately they did and they warped back in time and undone their banishment to the Negative Zone. Soon the Tengu was planning an attack and Ulrich and Yumi and the Earth. Can they win and survive find out in part 2.
(38) Demon World Pt.2 Following the events in part 1 no thanks to Surt and the Demons they eradicated the day they were banished to the Negative Zone, but Earth is still as it is right now, but the Demons now rule the major countries of the world as servants of Surt. the only ones who have memories of the real world are Yumi, Ulrich, Matt, Yumi's family, Yumi's relatives, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Hunter's wife and a couple of 'friends' of Ulrich. Soon the Demons were close to getting the power of rebuilding the Cortex Ulrich and Yumi soon had to make sure that the Demons don't rebuild the Cortex but they both know that with the power that the Demons had received from the heroes before they do have enough power to rebuild the Cortex. Now Ulrich and Yumi might have to contact old friend yet again in order for the Demons to stop rebuild the cortex. Since the Demons have enough power to do so now Ulrich and Yumi have to call Jeremy and the others as they went back to their house.
(39) Surt Revealed Surt has revealed that the real purpose of his plan was to use Project Carthage to upgrade himself into a more dangerous and nastier mastermind of evil. Mr. Hunter decides to contact the other Japansese families who were also involved in the banishment of the Tengu Forsaken to create a historical trinity. So Ulrich and Yumi found out what Surt was gonna do to the Project Carthage and they couldn't let him do that they had to protect the Carthage. Later Ulrich and Yumi got their weapons yet again and they followed Surt all the way to his lair and he was gonna use the Carthage to take over the world and destroy all humans once and for all Ulrich and Yumi soon caught up to him and they attacked him and they destroyed everything he had but it wasn't over just yet. Soon Ulrich and Yumi destroyed Surt by making him leave and going back to where the Demons are at and plan his next attack someday against Ulrich and Yumi. Soon that evening Ulrich and Yumi won and they went back to doing their normal stuff once again.
(40) Hisi Wu Strikes Back Surt fearing his plan is going to fail, sends Hisi Wu to attack Yumi, Ulirch, Yumi's family, Matt, Maria and Mr. Hunter. Ulrich and Yumi had to protect them so that Hisi Wu doesn't kill them or their familes. Ulrich and Yumi had to make a plan on how to stop Hisi Wu from carrying out his plan Ulrich and Yumi we're evening curious on how did the Demons know anything about the Cortex in the first place. Ever since Jeremy and the others destroyed the Cortex along with Xana from being far from defeated and the Demons must of been spying on the battles with Jonald and Xana and it must of given them a chance to attack Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi soon got their weapons yet again and they confronted Hisi Wu and they were getting ready to attack him Wu soon found out that he was no matched for Ulrich and Yumi as they had experience at fighting especially when they were on Lyoko almost about 15 years ago fighting off Xanas monsters. Soon Ulrich and Yumi defeated Hisi Wu and he made a retreat to fight again someday as Ulrich and Yumi soon return to the parents and they knew that everything was over for now at least they had to becareful because they know that the next round will be rough.
(41) Code Z Pt. 1 (Crossover Episode With Dragon Ball Z) The Tengu Forsaken decide to get help from Garlic Jr and his minions and even Frieza thinking they could get help for Surt for his project Carthage Plan. Meanwhile in Garlic Junior's universe, an old man named Roshi, just sighs as a woman named Chi Chi complains that, both her husband Goku and son Gohan had vanished as a woman named Bulma gets grumpy because her husband Vegeta runs off beating a guy named Frieza. Chi Chi just decides to go home with her father as Bulma decides to sulk at her parents house waiting for the return of Vegeta, Goku and Gohan. Then Garlic Junior invades with the Tengu Forsaken. Later that day Ulrich and Yumi saw Goku Vegeta and the others and asked them why were they at New Jersey. They told him that Frieza along with Garlic Jr are making a plan to destroy the Earth and get more power for the Cortex they too were helping out the Demons bring back their master Surt. Soon Ulrich and Yumi joined forces with Goku Vegeta and Bulma and they together decided to stop Frieza and Garlic Jr by working together can they win find out in part 2.
(42) Code Z Pt. 2 (Crossover Episode With Dragon Ball Z) Following part 1 Meanwhile in Bangok Thailand, the evil emperor of the Universe Frieza arrives with his son named Kreiza and two henchmen with a guy named Inquisitor Lugg who is a Doomian (A Race of Aliens that look like The Drules from Planet Doom in Voltron) and a girl named Captain Leba-Su who is the member of the Kreed (A Race of Pale Blue and Pale purple skinned humanoids with lush Jet Black hair with Red eyes) with a couple of Frieza Troopers. Frieza then decides to find Ulrich Yumi Goku and Gohan and kill all of them. Ulrich Yumi Goku and Vegeta soon found out what Frieza and Garlic Jr were doing and they were trying to bring back the Cortex by helping out the Demons get the power from Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile as the heroes were getting ready to attack Frieza and Garlic Jr. Soon they found them Frieza sended his solders after them and thanks to Vegeta and Goku they wiped out all of Frieza's men. Frieza was pissed and soon he and Garlic Jr both battled Ulrich and Yumi and Garlic Jr battled Goku and Vegeta. Soon Ulrich and Yumi we're almost done with Frieza Ulrich opened up a porter so Frieza and Garlic Jr can never get out and so which he did so and so then they sended both Frieza and Garlic Jr in it and they were gone forever and Goku Vegeta Ulrich and Yumi celebrated and everything was normal again.
(43) I Know Your Secret Following the previous battle against Frieza and Garlic Jr Surt decides to Haunt Ulrich by trying to plauge him with bad memories and the vision of a man trapped in space and time. They were mostly about him and the future of when he dies and also makes him shows all of his secrets including the battles on Lyoko and almost all of his secrets but he mostly wanted the secrets about Xana so he can rebuild the Cortex. Soon Ulrich found out and he had to stop him once and for all he had to cover his secert but Surt still had some tricks up his sleeves and he told Ulrich to tell him all of the secerts of the battle of Lyoko that he did recently and many years ago. Ulrich wouldn't listen or do what he says or else he tells everyone which Ulrich had to keep his secret safe and he couldn't let it get away. Suddenly Ulrich had an idea he got out his weapon and started to attack Surt and which Surt was surprised and he was gonna blab until Ulrich destroyed him once again as he made a retreat and loves to fight again another day as he told Ulrich in pain. Soon everything was normal again and Ulrich was having a nice quiet time in New Jersey again.
(44) The Attack On Ulrich Surt and the Tengu Forsaken decide to have Fenrir and Bai Tza hunt down the whereabouts of the Minamoto clan to ruin Mr. Hunter's planed trinity of Japanese families. Soon Yumi got word and she went to tell Ulrich the news about what Surt was gonna do to her familes in Japan Ulrich had to figure what to do on how to stop Surt once and for all Surt already tried to threaten him with exposing his secert and Ulrich had to save Yumi family from him. Later that day Ulrich soon got his weapon and soon went after Surt and was gonna try his best to stop Surt once and for all. Meanwhile Surt has trapped Yumis family and he has declared that he was gonna kill them and make sure that Yumi doesn't have parents. Surt had a reason why he was getting rid of Yumis parents and it was because Xana had took Ulrichs parents a month ago and ever since Jermey brought them back. Now Ulrich had to save them for Jeremy since he couldn't contact them. Ulrich soon found Surt and they both began to fight and they were at both the best but soon Surt was beginning to lose to Ulrich and soon made a retreat soon Ulrich saved Yumis family and everything was normal once again.
(45) Ulrich Versus Dark Ulrich Following the previous episode Surt relaized that he couldn't beat Ulrich so he decided to make a clone verison of Ulrich so he can use it to destroy Ulrich once and for all. Soon Surtates created a clone of Ulrich with the power of the Source of all evil located in Algeria and uses Dark Ulrich to kidnap Yumi and her family with the Minamoto Clan, The Hideyoshi Clan, and the Oda Clan and use the Clans undo their banishment for a Demon that plauged Nigeria 125 years ago. Meanwhile Dark Ulrich was still searching for Ulrich so he can destroy him and yet he still couldn't find him. Soon he found Ulrich and Ulrich saw him too the two Ulrichs started to fight and soon they were equal to each other because since the clone Ulrich was a copy of Ulrich he copy's everything Ulrich does and that would be a problem for Ulrich since he can't defeat him so Ulrich had to think. Suddenly Ulrich had an idea and he soon was fighting Dark Ulrich again and he soon sended Dark Ulrich to the dark world where he can never get out. Soon Surt made a retreat and everything was normal once again.
(46) Poison Gas One day at Surt's lair Surt was thinking of a plan on how to stop Ulrich and Yumi and how to destroy them. Surt decided to cover up the shore by filling it with poison gas station which will kill everyone and they will die for real this time and since Ulrich and Yumi live at the shore as well he can easily kill them with the poison gas that he has invented himself. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi we're at the beach and they were doing nothing until just then Surt came by in his ship and he and the Demons had dropped the poison gas on the beach and now everyone was getting weak as they were dying and getting sick Ulrich and Yumi we're holding their mouths and soon Surt found out and had to make more poison gas to destroy Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi manage to get their weapons and they headed out with their gas masks to get Surt and stop him. Surt was at his lair making more posion gas Ulrich and Yumi soon found him and they attacked him and he threw more gas at them but they dodged it and managed to defeat him for now he was defeated and soon all the gas was gone and everyone was still sick none were dead but this time again they had to have Jeremy launch a jump back in time so no one is sick or or remembers anything soon everything was normal again and Ulrich and Yumi had their fun in New Jersey.
(47) Is Anyone There???? One day at New Jersey Ulrich and Yumi we're hanging out doing nothing until suddenly a weird purple goop just came out of nowhere and it landed on the beach Ulrich and Yumi decided to see what it was. Just then the goop came out and started to attack Ulrich and Yumi and everyone else at the beach Ulrich and Yumi soon ran back to the house and they had to think of a plan on how to stop the goop from attacking the shore. Soon Ulrich and Yumi got their weapons and started to fight off the goop and just then they saw a big ball of goo in the ocean and they had an idea of how to get of it Yumi started to swim out into the ocean and starting attacking the goop and it started getting defeated easily and Yumi and Ulrich we're winning but they needed more because it was powerful. Suddenly Ulrich had to blow up the goop so it can blow up in pieces and which they did and it blew up all over the shore and everyone was happy that it was gone so they all went outside and played in the water and Ulrich and Yumi we're glad everything was normal again and everything was normal again.
(48) Bai Tza Strikes Back Bai Tza who was once defeated by Ulrich Yumi and the others for his plan on destroying the world and now he wants revenge on them. But since he can't get to Jeremy Odd Aelita William and Spark since they were very far away he decided to just get at Ulrich and Yumi instead. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi we're talking about Lyoko and their good times and they were having a great talk but just then Bai Tza who showed up and started to attack Ulrich and Yumi and soon both of them got their weapons and soon started to attack Bai Tza soon they had him off guard but he was much more powerful then he was last time. Ulrich and Yumi soon found out and they had to think of a plan to stop him. Soon they both figured something out and they attacked him they opened the portal to the darkness where Bai Tza will never escape and soon they did. He was in and he was trying to get out but it was no use as he was pushed all the way in and soon he was long gone and Ulrich and Yumi saved everyone and everything was back to normal once again.
(49) Rebuilding The Cortex Mr. Hunter finally created the Trinity he had planed to create to destroy Surt and the Tengu Forsaken before they use project carthage and rebuild the Cortex for Surt to dominate the world. Unfortunately Surt and the Tengu Forsaken attack to prevent the attack. Later that day The Demons and Surt we're finally doing what they should of done from the start rebuilding the Cortex which would make Surt very happy that it's gonna happen he was wondering why it took so long and the Demons told that Ulrich and Yumi we're very powerful and they couldn't be beaten because of their fights on Lyoko and their fights with them recently in New Jersey. Surt told them that he will get them along with the others back at Kadic and he was gonna make sure he finishes the job and manage to rule the universe like he did last time when he took the keys to Lyoko. Meanwhile Jeremy and to the others found out and they soon called Ulrich and Yumi about it and Jeremy told Ulrich and Yumi to come back to Kadic so they can help destroy the Cortex once again and they both agreed to do so to be continued in part 2.
(50) Contact Following the events in part 1 with the Cortex again Ulrich and Yumi had refuse to return because the duo still needs to destroy the Tengu Forsaken before they use the Cortex for their own will, and they'll fight the Tengu just like their ancestors and it will not be in Lyoko. Surt then is awakened in his first form in the real world. Ulrich gets another call from Jeremy to return but Ulrich and Yumi still refuse because they and their people know the Tengu Forsaken, from Yumi's Paternal Grandfather, The Ishiyama, Oda and Minamoto Clans with Mr and Mrs. Hunter about the Tengu Forsaken and they won't need the help of Jeremy and they can't help Jeremy either. They risk to return but unfortunately it brings the Oda Clan, Minamoto Clan, Ishiyama Clan, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, Matt and Maria Stern to Kadic with Surt and the Tengu Forsaken. Ulrich and Yumi were still taken care of the Tengu because he was still a big threat as Ulrich and Yumi were almost done with their problems they got another call from Jeremy yet again and he had ordered them to come back to the factory so they can go to the Cortex to get the key fragment there and stop Xana once and for all. Ulrich and Yumi had no choice but to go since their problems were taken cared off in Jersey soon they left and went to the factory to be continued
(51) Friends Gather Together Following part 2's story with Ulrich and Yumi's problem in Jersey Ulrich and Yumi and their friends must fight against the Tengu Forsaken as the Demons destroy Kadic Academy for good and devouer all the students including Jeremy. Ulrich and Yumi do not want to see this for long as they try to escape the Tengu Forsaken. The only hope of stopping this mass destruction and terror is to do a return to the past to escape, but unfortunately from a ghost of Yumi's ancestors, the return to the past could only result in the gang to returning to New Jersey to the present of the Demon attack, they do a return to the past as a warp to New Jersey, but unfortunately Surt has reached his final form and the Tengu followed the return to the past back to New Jersey to save Kadic Academy, in result Ulrich and Yumi are seperated from Kadic Academy forever. Then Ulrich and Yumi, The Clans, The Hunters, Matt and Maria then get a mysterious figure who is revealed to be the man in Ulrich's dream from Surt. When they open the portal, they meet up with Matt's father, Mr. Stern's oldest brother who is a man with really long shaggy hair and a really long shaggy beard wearing a black trench coat, black jeans and black winter boots and an eye patch. he was very tough and our heroes had to stop him and destroy him once and for all can our heroes do it in time so Aelita can the key fragment to the Cortex just then Ulrich and Yumi were separated from the others  
(52) The Key To The Cortex After Being separated from Jeremy and the gang and Kadic forever and Surt and the Tengu at their strongest peak. Yumi and Ulrich must get help from Ulrich's eldest uncle on his dad's side of the family who is Matt's father. Matt's father reveals his past about his relationship with Ulrich's father back then. He and Ulrich's father's rivalry was revealed to be that both brothers were trying to gain their father's wealth and Matt's father lost. Matt's father reveals that he was trying to cure Matt's late mother who was sick and was on the verge of death of ill health, Then a former friend of his banished him to another Planet when Matt was Ulrich's age. Then Ulrich realized that his eldest Uncle can help fight against Surt and the Tengu at their full potential. Ulrich and gang fight the Tengu Forsaken and they win and they decide to have a fierce battle with Surt in his final form. Matt's father realized there is going to be a harsh sacrifice to save the world. Then XANA arrived and stole Aelita's Cortex keys and killed Aelita and stole all her powers with the aid of Mr. Stern and the Dark Organization and they wiped out Surt's final form making Surt a flaming head again and banished him and his imobilized Tengu henchmen to the Cortex where the group was found by a Space Pirate named Corporal Cylun. Soon Franz Hopper did the same thing like what he did last time which was turn Lyoko back on and saved Aelita. Soon everyone was together and they were talking about what happened. thought that Aelita was thinking that Franz Hopper was dead for good but he was now trapped and they had to work on not only killing Xana and the other villians but bring Hopper home once again and Aelita says fighting Xana and The Dark Organization is my job and Jeremy says in a calm happy voice no Aelita it's our job as she and the others held hands as the episode ends.

Season 3 2019-2020

Episode Name Plot
(1)174 Rise of Corporal Cylun After Xana had gotten all powers from Aelita that he needed to rebuild the Cortex and make other new Replicas an Ansteroid is going to land on Earth which could cause major destruction. Kadic Academy Students are trying to hide in emergency bunkers but parents are evacutating them imediately. Odd, Jeremy, Aelita, Spark and William wonder why is an asteroid suddenly appearing in the first place? then the Asteroid was revealed to be the the flying fortress and UFO lair of a Space Pirate named Corporal Cylun the Cruel who plans to wipe out humanity and make Earth his own world. Since Xana returned and made new Replicas like there was a new Replica which no one is ever seen it wasn't even seen 15 years ago. It was gonna be called the Volcano Replica which it where Xana had been hiding while rebuilding the Cortex and where he has sented the Demons and those other villians to destroy Jeremy and the others. As the Astroid aprocated the Earth soon everyone was hiding as Jeremy Odd and Aelita were the only ones who escaped William and Spark stayed back to protect the school just as Odd and Aelita went to Lyoko Xana sended some monsters to stop them from reaching the tower. Jeremy programed the overboard and Odd and Aelita soon got to the tower and Aelita went inside and as the Astroid was getting closer Aelita soon stopped it it from attacking and Jeremy launched a return to the past. Everything was normal once again and everyone was doing their usual things.
(2)175 Replica Minus One Corporal Cylun decided to create a Volcaino replica with his own breed of monsters called the Neo Aliens. And so Jeremy and the other's would have to stop him once and for all and wipe out those new Replica's that Xana had made. Meanwhile Jeremy soon found out and he had called the others including Ulrich and Yumi by having them transportered to the factory. Soon as everyone got there Jeremy told them about what was going on and and soon they decided to get into Lyoko and head for the skid and Jeremy was able to update the skid so seven people can fit in and join the battle in the digtal sea. Meanwhile Jeremy found a Replica which he had never seen before so Aelita said that she and the others will get a closer look inside and they were shocked to find out that it's another copy of Lyoko but this one was different then the others. Aelita told Jeremy about it and he saw it and told everyone to come back now so he can study it more and find the Cortex so he can destroy this Replica. It would take him a long time to do so. Aelita soon brought everyone back and Jeremy did say that he would study the Replica and see what it does. Odd and the others left the factory and Ulrich and Yumi went back to New Jersey and Odd Aelita Spark and William went back to Kadic as Jeremy studied the Replica.
(3)176 False Lead One day in New Jersey Ulrich and Yumi are in New Jersey taking a tour in the Science Area of the Science Museum that just opened in their area. Meanwhile The Corporal Cylun started to attack with his forces the Neo Aliens. Ulrich then fights Cylun himself as Yumi fights the Neo Aliens. Then Corporal Cylun then orders his Neo Aliens to create an outer space Replica to use it as a warp zone for the Cortex to enter the actual Outer Space. Meanwhile as Jeremy was still studying the Volcano Replica Ulrich and Yumi we're still at the tour but until just then Xana had launched an attack and they didn't know what it was gonna be an alien attack. Soon Jeremy was told by Ulrich and he has sended everyone to the desert sector to stop Xana's attack Xana soon sended monsters to stop the Lyoko Warriors. Soon they found the tower and they started to fight as for the aliens on Earth they were attacking everyone and everyone while on Lyoko they found the tower and Aelita had to get there so she ran to the tower as fast as she could but while doing so she was being chased by monsters as well as she got into the tower she soon stopped the attack and Jeremy had to do what he usually does which is return to the past now as everything went back to normal once again. Everyone was back to what they were doing once again as Jeremy was still studying the Volcano Replica for the next round.
(4)177 Hard Luck The Dark Organization after the Tengu Forsaken fiasco decided to make XANA opperational again to make Corporal Cylun work for them. The current supreme leader Mr. Stern has hired a bunch of new hackers to aid Gruttatron's henchmen who are his henchmen now, he had hired Tyrone Vector (a former US military trooper), Ty-Fung (a Yazuka Ninja warrior) and Hermendez Krow (a teenage sereal killer) and sent them to extermenate the Lyoko Warriors. Meanwhile Corporal Cylun hearing about this sends a bunch of Neo Alien units who are called the Dark Kankrelats (Darker and more advanced verisons of Kankrelats), The Goboloids (Robot Goblins), Borakludds (Robot half human, half boars) and Salamander-Wraiths (Humanoid Salamanders wearing black robes) to exterminate the hackers and their XANA robots. Ulrich Yumi must stop them as they try to get the portal to get to the Factory before Cylun uses the war as a distraction to create another outer space Replica. Meanwhile Jeremy and the others were waiting for Ulrich and Yumi to arrive so they can go to Lyoko to explore the Replica as soon as they arrived they all went into the scanners and they headed to the skid and they head off for the Replica to stop Xana from using his robots while exploring further they found where Xana has kept the robots bit also they have noticed that Xana has weird creepy monsters too. There were at the Volcano Replica and they saw that saw. They saw weird monsters that they never saw before and powerful megatanks that can shoot sideways too so Jeremy called everyone back to the factory so he can still study more about the Volcano Replica as everything was normal once again as Jeremy launched a return back in time trip.
(5)178 Operation Volcano Replica One day at the Factory Jeremy was still studying the Volcano Replica so he can send the others there so they can destroy it and stop Xana for good. As Jeremy was still studying it he decided to make a trip there once again unlike what happened last time when they went there and Xana had trapped them and Jeremy managed to get them back to the Factory. Jeremy soon told everyone and they went to the Factory including Ulrich and Yumi when they got there Jeremy soon sended everyone to Sector 5 to get into the new updated Skid. As everyone left for the Volcano Replica they had noticed that Xana hasn't attacked yet and Jeremy was starting to worry that it could be the Skid like last time. As soon as everyone got there they explored the place as Aelita went into the tower to get the information about it and soon she sended them to Jeremy and he had gotten the info and soon he brought everyone back to the Factory in the Skid and as soon as they came back Jeremy told them that there was a Lab basement in the Volcano Replica and it needed to be destroyed in order for the Volcano Replica to be destroyed the others agreed to do so and they soon left the Factory as Jeremy stayed at the Factory still studying the Replica. Everything was normal as our heroes were doing school work again.
(6)179 Lab Rat One day at Kadic Jeremy was still working on the way on how to destroy the Volcano Replica and was still studying it. Ulrich Yumi and the others soon came to the Factory to see Jeremy what he was doing and he was soon ready to tell the others the news. There was no Xana attack as for right now. Jeremy told everyone the news about it and he also said that the Volcano Replica is Xana's 2nd home and its the first secret base Jeremy also said that there were two secret bases to destroy and the Volcano Replica was the first one. Jeremy soon sended everyone into sectory to the new skid and they went off into the digital sea. Soon there was trouble Xana had sended sea monsters after the heroes and they started to fight them because this time Xana was not going down without a fight. As soon the fight was done and the monsters were destroyed they went into the Volcano Replica and they got out. Jeremy sended Ulrich and Yumi to the lab which was in space and they had to find the supercomputer so they can destroy it. Just then they found it but it was being guarded by two of Xana's monsters and The Dark Organization also sent XANA monsters to guard the supercomputer to stop the heroes from destroying it. Soon Jeremy found out and he brought everyone back to Factory and he had to figure out how was everyone else going to destroy the supercomputer as he continued to study it more.

Corporal Cylun's Revenge

(Part 1 of Odd's Journey)

Corporal Cylun attacks Kadic Academy as a favor for Mr. Stern, as a reward for the attack Cylun can use the land that Kadic was built on as his new home and base of opperations to destroy humanity. Cylun sends his Neo-Alien monsters with aid of XANA and his monsters and they both invade the Academy and they try to get rid of it for good. Yumi and Ulrich realize that Mr. Stern won't stop destroying Kadic unless they leave somewhere else to escape the invasion. Ulrich leaves back to New Jersey or somewhere where they will never find him. Even though the Dark Organization and XANA stopped attacking, Cylun kept on attacking and Cylun destroyed Kadic Academy and took over the Factory. Ulrich headed back to New Jersey with Yumi to hide there until the Dark Organization stopped persuing them and decided to live a normal life in New Jersey to keep the others safe. Jeremy was inraged about this because now Ulrich and Yumi had left to keep them safe from the Dark Organization, in result Kadic was destroyed by Cylun. Sissy and her father decided to move with Sissy's mother to her family's house in London, walking away angrily as the cops had to escort screaming and crying kids home to their parents. Odd was now the only hope against Corporal Cylun and his Neo-Alien monsters. Odd ran off to get to safety. To be continued.

Exploring The Volcano Replica

(Part 2 of Odd's Journey)

Following the events in Part 1 Corporal Cylun had taken over the factory and Odd was the only person left to stop him as Kadic had shut down, but getting into the factory will be very hard since Corporal Cylun has official made the place his own. Odd has found hope as his parents had located an abandoned factory and new Private School in China. Odd has moved to China with his dad, but gets an unwelcoming welcome from the Takeshi family, the rouge clan on the original trinity against the Tengu forsaken. Odd gains aid from two Chinese twins named Cheng and Mei-Lee as they try to infiltrate the factory, but they get a more dangerous welcome from a bunch of bikers hired by Mr. Stern and the Dark Organization to kill Odd. Odd begins to explore the Volcano Replica with his twin friends only to run into the Tengu Forsaken and Surt trying to get their revenge. Surt orders his henchmen to kill Odd to get revenge on Ulrich and Yumi for ruining their plans. XANA had spoken with the Tengu forsaken as he delivers a message from Mr. Stern saying if they want vengance on Ulrich and Yumi then they kill a dude named Odd. Later things get worse as Corporal Cylun arrives and makes the Volcano erupt a Fire Dragon monster to kill Odd. Odd was in big trouble and Jeremy had to figure out how to stop the dragon soon. The others came and they saved Odd and they defeated the Dragon and Jeremy brought everyone home and launched a return to the past yet again so no one can remember what happened. Odd soon told Jeremy and the others about at lunch about his adventure and the others were shocked.
(9)182 Operation Destroy The Volcano Replica One day at China with Odd and his new friends Cheng and Mei-Lee return to China infiltrate the abandoned factory of the Takeshi family and find the super computer located in there to get to the info on how to destroy the Volcano replica, Ulrich and Yumi try to return to New Jersey because it is near summer vacation and they were going to stay at a university in South Jersey for their private School's ESY program. Odd, Cheng and Mei-Lee return to China to get the new super-computer in the factory in China and figure out how to destroy the Volcano replica, before Corporal Cylun tries to take over the Factory again with his monster minions. Unfortunately Corporal Cylun has released his Fire Dragon again. Odd and Cheng fight the Dragon as Mei-Lee begins to reprogram the computer. Jeremy sees everything on the Chinese super computer and discovers more replicas are being created by Cylun. Jeremy then canceled the battle, ordered Odd, Mei-Lee and Cheng to return with the data and did a return to the past. After the scenario, Summer Vacation has began and Ulrich and Yumi left for New Jersey for their private school's ESY program as Odd, Mei-Lee and Cheng (with Spark and William) leave for China to locate the Chinese super-computer. Ulrich and the others kept moving and they had more problems not just dealing with Xana who had gotten the keys to the Cortex is now very powerful and now the heroes have to figure out how to stop him and he was unstoppable. Soon everything went to normal again and Odd and Ulrich Cheng and Mei-Lee went back to what they were doing. 
(10)183 Clone Troubles After their battle in China with the Dragon, Odd, Cheng and Mei-Lee decide to get it to give to Jeremy without spies of Corporal Cylun getting info of what they are doing. Then they run into trouble as William meets an exact replica of himself brainwashed, and tries to attack it but then a holographic image of XANA yells at the William Clone to kill William. William is arrested by the Chinese police because they revealed he committed a vandalism on the President of China's killer awesome hot tub. Odd, Cheng and Mei-Lee run into the abandoned factory in China and they successfully obtain the Chinese Super computer which is a red and golden chrome-book. Then the trio escapes on the plane as William saves them from trouble as he is arrested by the Chinese police. Jeremy tries to do a return to the past, but unfortunately his return to the past code is blocked up and jacked by Odd, Cheng and Mei-Lee who were both afraid that Jeremy would ruin their success of getting the Chinese Super-Computer, which could ruin their attempts to destroying the Volcano Replica and the Replica's Corporal Cylun is making in his system. Jeremy soon tired to figure out what to do as he was working very hard. Meanwhile clone William still under Xana's control was stopping the heroes from destroying the Volcano Replica Jeremy sended everyone and they soon stopped the clone William and as he made a run for it Jeremy brought everyone home and soon they were back to their places as Jeremy stayed at the Factory and studied how was Xana able to make a clone of William under his control.
(11)184 Destroy The Cortex Again One day as Corporal Cylun was taken over the Factory again with his monsters (Neo-Aliens) and is having the place guarded by two special monsters The Golemoid (a robot Golem wearing a silver knight's uniform) and the Colossaloid (a Golem wearing a Golden Samurai Uniform). Jeremy, Aelita and Spark try to take back the factory from Cylun. Then Spark gets a call from Jim's wife saying she and Jim are having a hard time because they are getting a visit from a woman who used to be their roommate a long time ago, before she moved back to her mother's house, which will be a problem because they will not have room for Spark to stay which will result in Spark having to move back with his dad in California. Jeremy gets enraged about how things are not going his way right now, because they are loosing members of the Lyoko Warriors. Jeremy tests the Chinese Super Computer and tries to find data on the Volcano Replica and also find out what the other replicas are. Jeremy tries to contact Ulrich, but Ulrich left already which makes Jeremy angry even more, Jeremy and Aelita's only hope is now Yumi. So the three Lyoko warriors begin to research the other replicas, then Jeremy sends Yumi and Aelita to an Ancient Chinese replica which resembles the forbiden city of China. Then a bunch of Salamander Wraiths attack Yumi and Aletia. Yumi attacks the Salamander Wraiths as Aletia runs to the Great Temple in the center and tries to reactivate it, as Aelita re-activates the tower, she gets plans about the Cortex. Jeremy after this adventure checks out the plans about rebuilding the Cortex again and then realizes this craziness is getting more hyped up than ever. Then they see Sissi in the room with an iPhone 5 recording everything and Sissi runs into the school. Jeremy, Aeltia and Yumi run after Sissy anxiously trying to prevent Sissi from ratting them out their secret, but they ran into Corporal Cylun's trap made by the Golemoid and the Colossaloid as the monsters run off to Cylun's ship, Sissy arrives with her father and things do not look good for the 3 Lyoko Warriors. Now the Lyoko Warriors must stop Sissi from busting their secret out yet again.
(12)185 XANA's 2nd Secret Replica Odd, Mei-Lee and Cheng head to Hong Kong China as they try to save William from the Chinese Police. They head there and they accidently enter an abandoned labratory which has info of another replica made by The Dark Organization, which is codenamed; XANA's 2nd secret replica. They activate the computer that has the data and they discover it's a replica of Kadic Academy, but more evil and disatorus looking, then Boarakluds disguised as teachers and Goboloids disguised as students arrive to attack the three warriors. Odd fights the group of monsters with Cheng as Mei-Lee runs off to the Kadic Academy replica building and her secret power is revealed to be re-activating the towers like Aelita. Then Odd gets a great Idea to escape by pretending to be Mr. Delemas ordering the monster teachers and students to get back to school, that didn't work, then Odd decided to impersinate Corporal Cylun to get them back to work and it worked. they escaped and later on decided to learn about XANA's secret replica and why the Dark Organization created it in the first place. They learned that the replica was created by Mei-Lee and Cheng's parents who were members of The Dark Organization who were trying to get info on Franz Hopper's data about project Carthage to copy data of Kadic Academy when Franz Hopper worked there and use it to host XANA's monsters and XANA and hide them there, until the year 2004. Odd realized that things are now more crazy than ever. Odd and the others soon had to soon stop Xana for good.
(13)186 Final Round After the Scenario of Sissi finally catching the 3 Lyoko Warriors, the teachers are now disguising the punishments of Yumi, Jeremy and Aelita. They decided that the 3 shall not be expelled, but they will be in a in school suspension for 12 weeks for their criminal activity and they will forced to fail all classes and forced into detention all the time for their punishments and they will have to help the janitors in cleaning up the school as field trips happen, refusing to accept this punishment will result into expulsion. Jeremy is really angry that he feels like he wants to kill Ulrich, Odd, Spark and WIlliam for ditching him, Aletia and Yumi because now they are being punished constantly and now under extreme surveillance by teachers and staff. Then the French Police arrive and overpowered the staff and punishment that was given to the 3 and they arrested, Jeremy, Aelita and Yumi and took them to the French Police HQ, resulting in the 3 to be officially expelled from Kadic Academy. Jeremy then uses the Chinese super computer to locate William in China, but Corporal Cylun attacks and kidnaps the 3 warriors, to hold hostage until a Lyoko warrior gives him the plans for the Cortex. Soon Cylun got the plans and he had made his way to the core of Lyoko and destroyed it and he had won as he took over the world while he went back to the base in the digital sea.
(14)187 Lyoko Warriors Vs Corporal Cylun Part 1 One day Jeremy and the Warriors were ready Corporal Cylun has finally got the plans for the Cortex to wipe out humanity with brute force, but invites the 12 worst space pirates in the Galaxy to aid him in his quest to conquer the world and kill off humanity. Odd, Mei-Lee, Cheng, William and Spark arrive as the new Lyoko warriors to fight Corporal Cylun and his Neo Alien monsters. Corporal Cylun merges all the replicas in Lyoko together to create a whole entire realm of replicas. Odd and gang are having trouble with the Neo Aliens as they try to chase Corporal Cylun in his asteroid warship as it heads away from the Digital sea. Meanwhile Corporal Cylun sumons the aid of the 12 worst space pirates ever who are revealed to be; Meska the Mutatious, Drinkurk the Dreaded, Har-Kobo the Horrible, Katara the Killer, Logman the Lonesome, Brookandor the Bigman Baddness, Terance the True Terror, Nate-Su the Nightmarish, Onxy the Ofender, Spider the Sinister, Uniqua the Unique and Voltakai the Vile. The gang has more bad and terrible matters in hands now.    
(15)188 Lyoko Warriors Vs Corporal Cylun Part 2 With Corporal Cylun and his friends and minions almost victorious. Odd and gang now have to fight for their lives as they try to win against Corporal Clyun. Katara the Killer and Nate-Su the Nightmarish had just killed Jeremy, Aelita and Yumi with their death rays and destroyed Kadic Academy. Then Odd gets so mad he then tries to lazer arrow everything until the asteroid ship is destroyed for good. It was a long battle facing off all of those space pirates and they succeeded in getting victorious in all of them at first until Cylun transforms his Asteroid Warship into a gigantic verison of the Kolossus which he fused with the Cortex, Cylun uses the monster to destroy everything in France and the world. Mei-Lee and WIlliam banish the other 12 space pirates into the Cortex which destroys the Mega Kolossus and also banishes Corporal Clyun into the Cortex too. The Mega Kolossus is destroyed and Odd, WIlliam, Mei-Lee, Cheng and Spark get victorious. They sadly celebrate their victory by making a memorial for Jeremy, Aelita and Yumi where Kadic once stood. Later on the newly just organized Lyoko warriors decided to find Ulrich and destroy XANA, The Dark Organization or whatever maniac super villain gets in their way. Jeremy and the others searched hours for him and soon they found him as he was trying to find the rest of the supercomputers by himself soon the others brought him back to Jeremy and he was mad that Ulrich went on without bring the others so now they have to work on finding the Supercomputer and saving the world. But it turns out that Jeremy and the others were killed and Ulrich was the only one left so he had to save the world without his friends.

Note: This would be the final last appearance of Jeremy Aelita and Yumi as they won't be featured in Season 4.

Season 4 2020-2021

Episode Name Plot
(1)189 Ulrich Strikes One day Ulrich had entered Bangok, Thailand when he begins to search for the Super Computer in Thailand. Then he is confronted by a gang of Thai and American biker thugs who won't let him off until he assassinates a member of the Privy Council. Ulrich decides to assassinate the Privy Council member. Ulrich then decides to head to the main enterance of the palace posing as a toruist. His plan worked until he ran into a female guard his age, 15. the girl gets angry and attacks him saying tourists and outsiders ain't allowed in the palace unless they are politicians that the King invited. Ulrich gets annoyed and then gets aquainted with the girl who introduces herself as Sirikita Thaikokhan, and that she is the daughter of two soldiers of the royal army who are distant cousins of the Privy Council member that Ulrich was forced to kill. Ulrich then trades cell phone numbers with Sirikita. Then sneaks by and gets the super computer which Sirikita gets angry at first because she could of gotten in trouble with the authorities and the law. Then she realizes that this is a super computer that could be the result in stopping an artificial intelligence known as XANA before he gets powerful. Sirikita also realizes that Ulrich has told her a bunch of bikers forced him to kill her distant cousin and the both of them attacked the bikers who then are revealed to be members of The Dark Organization and they fight the thugs and Sirikita after the fight decides to join Ulrich on his quest for the Super Computers as they try to find the others with their super computers (The Thailand Super Computer and the Chinese Super Computer that Ulrich stole from the factory. Ulrich had tried to find the others but was able to find one and couldn't do the job alone so he had to get Odd and gang to help although they are 'not sure about' helping him because he ditched them. As everything was normal again.
(2)190 Xana's 2nd Supercomputer One day at the factory Ulrich was still working on how to destroy the other supercomputers and which he had found another one but this time it was somewhere in North Korea that no one has ever found it at it was at a abandoned mine which it was very dark. When Ulrich arrived at the mine but they knew that the entrance was blocked and he would have to find a way in. As Ulrich went inside they noticed that the Supercomputer was not actually there and they knew that Xana had tricked them once again. Soon he told Sirikita and he brought everyone back and they had to find where Xana had putted it this time because and he had to find it somewhere else now. It was up to Ulrich to save the day. Without the others Ulrich had to fight off Xana and he had to find a way to destroy him and how to deacvate the towers on Lyoko because with Aelita dead forever she couldn't take care of the towers and Ulrich who little knows how to as he still continued to find the the supercomputers.
(3)191 The Dark Organization's Flaw One day Mr. Stern got a report from XANA about the North Korea Super Computer being obtained by Ulrich and Sirikita, and decided to send out the XANA robots to exterminate Ulrich and Sirikita. The XANA robots leave and they decide to perseue the heroes and kill them for good. Then our heroes then end up being targets to a villianous bounty hunter hired by The Dark Organization. Meanwhile Ulrich and Sirikita were still fighting the robots and as Sirikita was fighting them and Ulrich was going to the third supercomputer and as he found it he was soon working on destroying it as Xana was going after Ulrich and stopping him from destroying it. Meanwhile as Sirikita was fighting the robots and trying to shut them down and they were running out of time as The Dark Organization was still going on and still listening to Xanas orders and as Ulrich and Sirikita were still dealing with the third supercomputer and the robots Xana was getting much powerful every last minute Ulrich soon found the supercomputer and he soon destroyed it and soon he and Sirikita left and Xana and The Dark Organization went back to the base and soon they had to come up with the next plan to destroy Ulrich and Sirikita and Ulrich and Sirikita had to get Ulrich's dad back too.
(4)192 Hello you Must Die One day XANA decided to attack the gang with his robots personally thinking it could get rid of them. XANA arrived at their doorstep and said all kinds of insults at the gang to get them angry and put them in his nasty trap of doom then sends his robots after them. Then Odd and Mei-Lee discover that it is a trap made by XANA himself to trap the warriors in his dirty scheme of doom. Ulrich, Odd, Cheng, Mei-Lee, Sirikita, Spark and William are shrunk to the size of ants as XANA has them in the palm of his hand laughing at them as he begins to destroy the warriors with his bare hands. Then Sirikita and Mei-Lee strike XANA with their powers as the rest of the gang tries other ways to beat XANA up and make him a total failure aganst the gang. Cheng, Odd, Ulrich, Spark and William then try to damage XANA and stop him. They defeated XANA and got back to regular size, but the evil mania was far from over as XANA then snapped his bare hands and a bunch of Trolloc monsters arrived to destroy the warriors with Sumo Troll. The warriors beat the monsters of XANA and beat XANA himself at his game. Mei-Lee decided to head toward the super computers from China, Thailand and North Korea to make XANA weaker. Xana made a retreat  
(5)193 Ulrich And Odd's Journey To The Volcano Replica

One day Ulrich and Odd were planning a trip to the Volcano Replica so they can get rid of Xana for good and since that Jeremy and Aelita and Yumi are now dead and killed so it was only them until just then Cheng decided to join them because he knew how they felt after losing Jeremy Aelita and Yumi. As the three of them went into the skid and went to the Replica as soon as they got there they started looking around to find the tower that will destroy the Volcano and as Ulrich went to find it Odd and Cheng saw Xana's monsters and they soon fought them with everything they got. Then the 3 sent for help for Sirikita, Mei-Lee, Spark and William to help them stop the monsters in the replica. Then the Tengu Forsaken arrive with Corporal Cylun, Meska the Mutatious, Drinkurk the Dreaded, Har-Kobo the Horrible, Katara the Killer, Logman the Lonesome, Brookandor the Bigman Baddness, Terrance the True Terror, Nate-Su the Nightmarish, Onyx the Offender, Spider the Sinister, Uniqua the Unique and Voltakai the Vile to get revenge for their defeats from season 2 and season 3 as a nice 'token of appritiation' from XANA to kill the warriors for their failures. 

Meanwhile in the Dark Organization HQ, Mr. and Mrs. Stern were confronted by members of the Dark Organization with a mysterious figure who then shoots Mr. and Mrs. Stern. The new supreme leader of the Dark Organization is Kobra Stiner, a former officer of the Nazi-German Military during WWII. Kobra Stiner meets up with XANA who plans to re-create the Cortex and fuse it with project Carthage to create the Ultimate Weapon 'Doomsday Destructor'.

(6)194 Distant Memory 

Ulrich and gang as they fight the Tengu Forsaken and the Space Pirates get past memories fighting them. Then a distant memory about Jeremy, Aelita and Yumi getting killed by Nate-Su the Nightmarish and Katara tha Killer flashes in their minds and then things get personal and then they really begin to fight to escape the past baddies and figure out how they escaped the imprisonment in the Cortex and then they realize the baddies escaped because there are more super computers to be found and destroyed. The rest of the gang begins to search for the super computers and tries their best to find them. The gang creates warp zones to Malaysia, Germany, Britian, India, Japan Brazil and Iraq. Cheng heads toward Malaysia, Mei-Lee heads toward Japan, Ulrich heads to Germany, Sirikita heads toward Britian, Spark heads toward India and William heads toward Brazil to get their super computers. The gang heads toward their destinations and they get the super computers they went after, but XANA robots steal the Super Computers with members of the Dark Organization.

Ulrich was upset about his failure of leading the group and wishes that Jeremy, Aelita and Yumi had not died in the Space Pirate attack. Sirikita feels bad for Ulrich and they decide to be alone as the others mope about their failure of retreaving the super computers to destroy them.

(7)195 Sonic Freedom Wars (The crossover with Planet Freedom, Sonic Forces and Super Mario crossover special) In another world Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadoe the Hedgehog are facing off Eggman, Mephiles the Dark, Imperator Ix, Shade, Chaos, Zavok, Zazz, Zomon, Zeena, Zor, Master Zik, Metal Sonic, Metalix Prime, some Metal Sonic troopers called the Metalix and the Mauders. Sonic gets angry at them and decides to attack until he gets attacked by an evil guy named Infinite who can use glitch attacks then Mario appears and then tries to fight them off as then Bowser, Kamek, Bowser Jr. and the Broodals (a quaret of wedding planers for Bowser's wedding.) the baddies escape to a world called Avalice. Sonic, Mario and Shadow follow them and meet up with 3 anamorphic animal girls Carol the WIldcat, Lilac the Dragon girl and Milla the Basset hound who are trying to save their world from being conqured by Lord Brevon, the evil Warlord and conquer of the Galaxy because the 3 kingdoms of Shuigang (A nation recently militarized by it's new Emperor Dail), Shang Mu (The nation ruled by the wealth obssesed kind hearted aristocrat Mayor Zao) and Shang Ti (a nation ruled by it's supreme lord the Majister, who is unprepared for war) are at war. Then Shadow leaves to our world to get help from a bunch of kids who have been seen fighting a virus. Shadow arrives and then asks Ulrich, Odd and Sirikita for help to save his world, Avaliace and Mushroom World. The three kids agree to help which then XANA follows them to kill them. The kids then arrive to be confronted by General Gong of Shang Tu and his assistant Neera Li report that the Majister has ordered them arrested becuase they were being threatened by a turtle Dragon monster named Bowser to do so or their nation will be destroyed by a new ally named XANA. The three then begin to fight Brevon, Eggman and Bowser's forces and the 3 men themselves until they meet up with XANA and then they fight XANA in hand to hand combat until XANA looses and retreats back to Earth as Ulrich, Sirikita and Odd follow him back and the others capture Eggman, Bowser, Brevon and their henchmen.
(8)196 Hot Shower One day at New Jersey Ulrich and Odd were doing nothing until Xana was still making robots to destroy the world and Ulrich and Odd were with Cheng and their other friends. Ulrich and Odd then find out that the real culprit is Professor Tyron who is trying to create more dangerous Ninja bots for his plan to subjigate that University in South Jersey that Ulrich was staying at over the summer in Season 3 to somehow get them to except something he was doing. Mei-Lee and Sirikita then decide to defend their boyfriends from Tyron's schemes then Tyron's assisstant Ms Lavita gets in the way with the aid of two girls their age named Marissa Kuba and Lilith Richards to help Tyron in his plan to subjigate the University. Cheng and Spark wonder why are they trying to subjigate the Univeristy and what do they want in the first place. Then it comes in mind Professor Tyron wants to trap the people in Ulrich's private School which is their new school until he is hired as a new teacher of their school. The gang tries to hunt down Professor Tyron and his 3 henchwomen. Then 3 ninja robots arrive to destroy the heroes and beat them up. Then the group runs into Professor Tyron and his girl henchmen and the robot ninjas to prevent them from Tyron's plans. Then the girls fight Tyron's 3 female minions and Robot Ninjas to save their private school and then Ulrich and Cheng get Tyron arrested for attacking 3 kids and he failed to get the teacher job at the private school. Then the gang celebrates their victory as meanwhile Tyron and his female henchmen run away to isolate themselves in the Atlantic Ocean at the house that Ms Lavita's mother lives in. 
(9)197 Lost At Sea Professor Tyron has bad luck since he is stuck in the sea with his 3 female minions and the mother of one of his female minions no thanks to those medling brats so he and his female minions escape to the ruins of Kadic Academy. After they went there they decided to make it their official base for declaring war on the Dark Organization. Tyron has Larissa, Lilith and Marissa head to the digital sea to destroy XANA and the Dark Organization's forces in there and figure out how to become the ultimate antagonists of the Lyoko Warriors. Then a giagantic robot Leviathan attacks Tyron's minions. The Leviathan attacks the girls as Tyron sends in his ninja warriors to destroy the Leviathan, but the Dark Organization sends out their own ninja warrior robots to attack Tyron. Then after the attack The Dark Organization's goons attack Professor Tyron and Ms. Lavita and warped them into the digital sea with the girls and the ninja warriors in as they end up in a digital submarine in the digital sea and the gate to our world from the digital sea shuts down after the Dark Organization leaves, resulting in Professor Tyron, Ms. Lavita, Laressia, Marissa and Lilith with the ninja warriors trapped in the digital sea forever.
(10)198 A Lack Of Bad Will The Dark Organization is under attack by a highly advanced group of warriors known as the Crimsion Brotherhood who has the same purpose as they do, take over the world and which results in a civil war that is tearing things appart. The Lyoko warriors hear about this on the news decide to attack the thugs and stop the civil war before anything gets worse. Unfortunately, things get worse as XANA then attacks the artificial intelegence of the Crimsion Brotherhod who is revealed to be two evil twins known the Red Guys. The Red Guys like XANA are two artifical intelegences taking the forms of robot ninjas and they have twice the power of XANA resulting in multiple attacks. The Red guys reveal themselves as a boy named ACRO and a girl NEGA. ACRO and NEGA are revealed to be twins who are revealed to be the split soul of the artficial intelegence known as ACRONEGA, a virus more dangerous than XANA. ACRO and NEGA have created a bunch of robotic Rakshasa (man eater demons from India.) and Kaiji (Giant sea monsters from Japan) to attack the Lyoko Warriors, as they suprisingly with the Crimsion Brotherhood join XANA and the Dark Organization fighting the Lyoko Warriors. The Lyoko Warriors unfortunately have been defeated by The Dark Organization and their new and more evil henchmen.
(11)199 New Jersey Bombshell A new girl has entered Ulrich's Private School, who is revealed to be a pen pal to a student in the school. She introduces her self as Neina and she is from Romania. The Students seem interested, but Sirikita gets nervous because someone is nagging her and the other Lyoko warriors to be suspicious about this girl.Suddenly a bombshell was hitting New Jersey and Ulrich the only hero left after when his friends Jeremy, Aelita and Yumi were killed after the battle with Corporal Cylun. It turns out that the bombs were coming from ACRO and NEGA Ulrich had to stop them from sending more bombs Odd and Ulrich were working together to stop those two villains. Meanwhile the bombs were still hitting New Jersey, Spark, Sirikita, Mei-Lee, Cheng and William are fighting the forces of ACRO and NEGA who are the robot Rakshasai (Man Eater Demons from India) and Kaijus (Japanese Sea Monsters) Ulrich and Odd managed to stop the bombs from hitting New Jersey and they managed to get rid of the bombs and as for ACRO and NEGA, NEGA transforms into the familiar person known as Nenia, when Ulrich, Odd and the others found out about that they then attack NEGA, but her brother stops them with a Fire attack as NEGA then attacks with Frost attacks. Then the Dark Organization aided by the Crimson Brotherhood members (Who were the former masters of the artificial twins.)

Note: This Was The Last Episode To Be Written By Shroob12 Before He Left The Series. As The 9 Final Episodes Were Written By LyokoWarrior12.  

(12)200th Episode Cousins Once Removed Final Appearance Of Matt In the 200th episode of this series Ulrich Odd and Matt were hanging out together when suddenly there was an attack by Tyron yet again as he and The Dark Organization were attacking New Jersey so Ulrich and Odd as the only two Lyoko Warriors that we know left since everyone else is dead from Season 3.So Ulrich and Odd and Matt followed Tyron and The Dark Organization to their base and Ulrich and Odd and Matt were soon were fighting Tyron and The Dark Organization Ulrich Odd and Tyron were winning and losing at the same time due to the fact that it is only them left with everyone dead. Meanwhile Xana was still planning to send his robots into the world starting with Kadic and New Jersey Ulrich and Odd soon stopped Tyron and The Dark Organization as they left but before they left they killed Matt as soon as they left Ulrich and Odd saw Matt shot and killed he had only one more word for them both. he told them to end Xana and Tyron once and for all Ulrich was crying and Odd helped him so they both left leaving Matt buried in the ground.
(13)201 Wrong Exposure One day at New Jersey Ulrch and Odd were doing nothing as they are following the events from the previous episode when Tyron and The Dark Organization killed Ulrich's cousin Matt but now they both must stop Tyron Xana and The Dark Organization themselves Ulrich and Odd managed to track them at their base and they soon went to the base to stop them once and for all Meanwhile Tyron and Xana were still planning to send robots into New Mexico to destroy Odd and Ulrich. Xana was soon ready to send his robots into New Mexico Ulrich and Odd were ready to fight to fight Tyron again Xana was getting annoyed that Ulrich and Odd were still around and now he must move ahead of them since they are the only Lyoko warriors left. Ulrich and Odd soon found them and they soon began to fight with their stuff and soon Xana started to release the robots and which they should hit New Mexico within the next day Ulrich and odd soon found out and they had to stop Xana. Meanwhile our heroes had defeated Tyron and he was soon dead and our heroes had little time to celebrate as Xana was still around and close to taking over the world can our heroes stop him in time?
(14)202 Xana's Robots Destroy New Mexico One day at the base Xana was already ready to send his robots into New Mexico. Ulrich and Odd soon were already to fight them as they setted of for New Mexico. Xana's robots were attacking New Mexico and they weren't letting anyone live so now Ulrich and Odd have to stop the robots once and for all. Meanwhile Xana was still sending robots at New Mexico and he was getting much stronger and powerful now he and Tyron were close to winning but Ulrich and Odd didn't give up they were all at war against Xana and the robots. Meanwhile Xana's robots were destroying New Mexico apart killing people and only Ulrich and Odd can stop them so they were fighting the robots and they were close to Xana and Tyron they had to shut down the robots once and for all. Meanwhile Ulrich and Odd found Xana and Tyron and they soon fought and defeated both of them and they both ran off and Ulrich and Odd managed to stop the robots that were at the base and they had to stop the million others that were already in New Mexico.
(15)203 Ulrich, Sirikita, Mei-Lee, Spark, William, Odd and Cheng Vs Xana Part 1

One day at the base XANA and Tyron had sended ACRO and NEGA send out more Rahkshasa and Kaiju soldiers to aid the Dark Organization in killing Matt's girlfriend and her family in which they successfully had done already and then the Rakshasa soldiers, Kaiju soldiers and XANA robots were ordered to kill the Lyoko Warriors with brute force. ACRO and NEGA leave to command the forces for XANA. 

Then in New Jersey, The gang has witnessed an unspeakable terror from XANA as he possesses the President of the United States making him order all of his citizens to be killed. Ulrich, Odd, William, Spark, Cheng, Mei-Lee, and Sirikita decide to save America from the XANA possessed President order the deaths of their fellow citizens. Then suddenly Xana knew that the world was under his control now and Ulrich and the others can't stop him. Now with the robots in New Mexico ruining everything but can our heroes stop Xana in time to save the world and can Ulrich and Odd defeat Xana and Tyron once and for all this first part answer's all the questions find out in part 2 of this super extended 1 hour episode.

(16)204 Ulrich, Sirikita, Mei-Leem Spark, William, Odd and Cheng vs Xana Part 2 Following part 1 as Ulrich and Odd were trying to stop Xana and his plans for world domination by sending his robots to New Mexico and destroy everything there. As the robots were causing more destruction Ulrich and Odd and the others had to split up and stop the robots Ulrich and Odd went to Xana and Tyron and the others went to New Mexico to stop the robots Ulrich and Odd were soon fighting Xana and Tyron and their friends were fighting the robots. Xana was still fighting Ulrich and Odd while the others dealt with the robots in New Mexico. Xana and Tryon were getting defeated by Ulrich and Odd and soon Xana knew what he had to do he had to kill Tyron because he was no use to him anymore and since Tyron had failed him in Season 2. Soon Xana in a sudden move killed Tyron and Ulrich and Odd were wondering why was Xana doing that. Just then Ulrich and Odd went back to fighting Xana after he killed Tyron suddenly the robots that Tyron had made they were shutting down in New Mexico the other warriors were surprised to see the robots shutting down and Xana made a retreat to fight another day. as the robots were shutted down in New Mexico now Ulrich Odd and the others must find a way to stop Xana and The Dark Organization as they were left.
(17)205 Wrath of Kobra Stiner One day following the events with Tyron and his robots a few days ago. Ulrich Odd and the others were resting and doing nothing until Xana wanted revenge on the heroes from what they did to him and his robots. Xana now wanted to fight all of the warriors so he had sended a new warrior named Kobra Stiner to destroy them once and for all. Soon Kobra found the heroes and he was soon fighting them Ulrich and the others were wondering where did Xana get him from because he was never seen before. Ulrich Odd and the others were wondering so much that Xana still had the advantage to destroy them because of Kobra being around to help him for now. Meanwhile our heroes are still fighting this new threat and they didn't know what to do because he was a strong character then the other villains they had dealt with in the past. Ulrich Odd and the others soon were beating Kobra as he was not getting weaker and he couldnt stand them any longer Xana soon found out about Kobra being defeated and he soon had to make a escape back to his lair to inform The Dark Organization that it was their turn to face the heroes and also told them to not go easy and just kill them right away. As Our heroes went back to normal lives doing nothing again.
(18)206 The Dark Organization's Last Stand

One day at New Jersey Ulrich Odd and their friends were just enjoying themselves and had to figure out how to destroy The Dark Organization so they can destroy Xana once and for all. Ulrich and Odd had an idea on how could they get rid of The Dark Organization once and for all as they were the ones causing trouble since Season 1. Ulrich and Odd had to destroy Xana and The Dark Organization for what they had done to Jeremy Aelita and Yumi in Season 3. So Ulrich Odd and the others found the entire Dark Organization gang and they started to fight. Soon they all were fighting and our heroes were soon winning as The Dark Organization were losing because of the powers that they had used before during their last battle with the heroes. Soon Xana was noticing that The Dark Organization were dying and losing Xana had no choice but to leave them and let them get killed by the heroes as he didn't really care about them. Xana knew that they were failures and now he was doing the right thing soon the heroes saw The Dark Organization dying and they disappeared and went back to their world for good this time. Few moments later our heroes came together and Ulrich said to everyone we did it The Dark Organization has been destroyed. Now let's go and get rid of Xana now said Odd as he was happy and excited as he and Ulrich did this for the others. Xana was the only one left but he was still powerful and Ulrich Odd and the others had to come up with a plan on how to stop him. 

Meanwhile XANA with the aid of ACRO and NEGA had then summoned Surt, the Tengu Forsaken, Corporal Cylun, the twelve terrors and a new mysterious foe that is a hijacked Ninja that was reconfigured to resemble a Three-legged crow with a centaurish body type with hree legs, two arms, and two wings, with a Raven's head for a mask, named Garuda.

(19)207 The End Of Xana And The Dark Organization

Ulrich, Mei-Lee, Odd, Cheng, Spark, William and Sirikita then get ready to defeat XANA once and for all, but unfortunately the run into XANA with the aid of ACRO, NEGA, Surt, The Tengu Forsaken, Corporal Cylun, Corporal Cylun's allies (the 12 worst space pirates ever known.), and a ancient supervillain from another dimension known as Garuda who is a guy with a body that is a hijacked Ninja that was reconfigured to resemble a Three-legged crow with a centaurish body type with hree legs, two arms, and two wings, with a Raven's head for a mask. William nicknamed Garuda a 'Crow Barbarian' because he was a barbarian with a crow mask. Garuda reveals that he is an ancient enemy of a warrior named Mirror M and he was summoned by XANA, with these other villains to kill the Lyoko Warriors. Then XANA, ACRO, NEGA and the other villains then summon an army of Rakshasas, XANA robots and Kaiju monsters with the aid of the Syphozoa and the Kolossus as they attack the heroes with Surt, The Tengu forsaken, Corporal Cylun, The 12 worst space pirates, and Garuda. As they attack ACRO, NEGA and XANA escape with some Rakshasas, XANA robots and Kaiju monsters as they head to Washington DC after summoning a warship. Then the seven Code Lyoko warriors then chase after the XANA, ACRO and NEGA as they head to Washington DC. Then a mysterious warrior appears to destroy the warship. The warrior was a humanoid of sorts. While for the most part, this warrior has the appearance of a normal human, but then it is revealed that it becomes clear that his weapons are actually a part of his wrists naturally, and that the warrior's tail, when not hidden, fully gives away that he isn't remotely human. Not only that, but the eyes alone would be a dead giveaway for those who knew for certain that they weren't because of contacts. This warrior is revealed to be the ancient interdimensional warrior Mirror M. Mirror M revealed that he had one purpose and that was to destroy the being that is to destroy any inhuman monstrosity in this dimension. Mirror M then attacks XANA, ACRO and NEGA with their forces after attacking the other villains. A interdimensional portal pops up and Mirror M then leaves within the portal.

After Mirror M leaves this dimension, XANA and the other villains then get sucked in the portal, but they easily resist falling in the portal as they fight the warriors with all of their might and as they drag Ulrich and Sirikita into the portal. Ulrich and Sirikitia then do a final blow as they slug XANA as he was about to summon the Cortex again. XANA had summoned the cortex but his victory was short lived as he, ACRO, NEGA, Surt, The Tengu Forsaken, Corporal Cylun, the twelve worst space pirates, Garuda and their forces all get warped into the portal into another dimenison with the mysterious Mirror M. Then Ulrich and Sirikita landed down as they were safely caught by Odd, William, Spark, Cheng and Mei-Lee. All the seven Lyoko warriors cheered and celebrated their victory after defeating XANA and The Dark Organization.

(88) Series Finale End Of The Line

In the series finale of this series following Xana's defeat up into rebirth starts after many adventures of beating up artificial intelligence, ancient super-villains and space pirates with armies of monster robots. the Lyoko warriors celebrated happily about saving the world. they then see the portal warping XANA and all the bad guys then shrink into a old torn boot. Ulrich and Odd went back to Kadic and they were looking forward to seeing their old rooms and they evening saw Jeremy's room it was empty now since they told Delmas about Jeremy's death but they didn't give the reason or the details much about it. Later that day Ulrich Odd and the others were having memories back on Lyoko which evening through that only Ulirch Odd and William were having most memories because they were around for a long time when Jeremy Aelita and Yumi were around. They were deciding if they should shut down the supercomputer or not. Ulrich and Odd just wanted to be heroes as they said many years ago William was just like Yumi shut down the computer and move on because they destroyed Xana and The Dark Organization now they can rest in peace. Ulrich and Odd told William Cheng Sirikita and Mei-Lee that it's time to shut down the supercomputer once again which they all said yes. As they went to the Factory to shut down the computer they were already there and they went up to the computer. Ulrich who in honor of Jeremy who would shut down the computer himself he took his place. Ulrich and the others gave their final words and speeches and Ulrich and Odd evening a threat word to Xana saying Xana your are now dead for good this time and we want it that way we don't ever wanna see your ugly face ever again said Ulrich and Odd. as Ulrich shutted down the Supercomputer everyone left the factory and went back to Kadic to be picked up by their parents and they all went back to Ulrich's house to celebrate. Ulrich Odd William Cheng Mei-Lee and Sirikita had to decided what to do next leaving Ulrich saying now that everything's been taken cared of they can move on Odd evening says that they should hit the casino's with the money they got from the mayor. Later at the mayors office he was awarding the heroes who saved the earth later that day as the heroes were walking a richman named Austin Bucks walked up and offered a deal for a mansion for all of them and they agreed as they shock hands as the series ends. Well that's the story of how Ulrich and his friends got separated.


Years later Ulrich had married Sirikita and they both had 3 children, 3 boys. 100 years later the two lovebird heroes had died peacefully knowing that they saved the world and got famous. Then a decedent of Ulrich and Sirikita then finds the factory and accidentally opens it and enters Lyoko.



  • Ulrich Stern - Barbara Scaff
  • Yumi Ishiyama - Mirabelle Kirkland
  • Jeremy - Sharon Mann
  • Odd - Matthew Géczy
  • Aelita - Sharon Mann
  • Spark - Bella Hudson
  • William Dunbar - David Gasman
  • Mei-Lee - Bettina Bush
  • Cheng - Jace Norman
  • Sirikita - Ashlyn Selich


  • Matt Stern - Tom Habberkorn
  • Maria Johnson - Mae Whitman
  • Maria's Grandfather - Mike Pollock
  • Mr. Hunter - Michael Dobbson
  • Mirror M - Charlie Shattler

Season 1 Antagonists

  • Jonald Gruttatron - Clancy Brown
  • XANA - Matt Hoverman
  • Lester - Leo Howard
  • Hose - Blake Michael
  • Fin - Wayne Grayson
  • Rajah - Karan Bar
  • Mr. Stern - Liam Neson
  • Mrs. Stern - Colleen Clinkerbeard
  • John Gruttatron - Wendy Powell
  • Myuki Ishiyama - Cremia Leigh
  • Warren Joseph Arratino - Mark Oliver
  • Hunter Igneous - Alex Hirsch
  • Petoa Blofeld - Vincent Tong
  • Diego Carson - Antonio Banderas
  • Assyria Kuba - Rosario Dawson

Season 2 Antagonists

  • Surt - Gary Chalk
  • Hisi Wu - Greg Aries
  • Bai Tza - Bella Hudson
  • Tchang Zu - Mark Thompson
  • Po Kong - Whoppie Goldberg
  • Tso Lan - Mark Oliver
  • Xiao Fung - Scottie Ray
  • Dai Gu - Paul Dobbson
  • Rogue Fu - Roger Craig Smith
  • Shi Lan - Mike Pollock
  • Yami Ko - Wayne Grayson
  • Fenrir - Michael Dobbson
  • Frieza - Chris Ayres
  • Krieza - Bella Hudson
  • Inquisitor Lugg - Mark Oliver
  • Captain Leba-Su - Cremia Leigh

Season 3 Antagonists

  • Corporal Cylun - Chris Ayres
  • Corporal Cylun's allies
    • Meska the Mutatious - Jessica DiCicco
    • Drinkurk the Dreaded - Tom Habberkorn
    • Har-Kobo the Horrible - Geoff Dolan
    • Katara the Killer - Bella Hudson 
    • Logman the Lonesome - Charlie Shattler
    • Brookandor the Bigman Baddness - Dale WIlson
    • Terance the True Terror - Mark Acheson
    • Nate-Su the Nightmarish - Jeff Benett
    • Onyx the Offender - Brian Drummond
    • Spider the SInister - Grey DeLise
    • Uniqua the Unique - Mae Whitman
    • Voltakai the Vile - Brian Dobbson

Season 4 Antagonists

  • Professor Tyron - Arnold Shwartzinhager 
  • Ms. Lavita - Lisa Ortiz
  • Marissa Kuba - Mae Witman
  • Lilith Richards - Chremia Leigh
  • Laressia - Lisa Ortiz
  • Garuda - Brian Dobbson
  • Kobra Stiner - Harrison Ford
  • ACRO - Dante Basco
  • NEGA - Jessica DiCicco
  • Xana's Robots - Maurice Lamichure
  • Rakshasa soldiers - Paul Dobbson
  • Kaiju monsters - Bradley Dee Baker. 


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Sirikita Bodindradebayavarangkun

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Ulrich Stern

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Odd Della Robbia

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Odd Della Robbia

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Spark Morales

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William Dunbar

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Cheng Shang

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Mei-Lee Shang

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