Case: Solved! Or is it ?

Arnold Absalom had traced all the evidence to one central location: Letourneau Junior High. The principal there, though he had a long-standing friendship with Jean-Pierre had been rivals of the Gryffons football team known simply as Chimera (suitable considering their fierceness on the field as well as the fact in mythology Chimera couldn't stand Gryffons and vice versa). The Principal there, Jean-Claude, or as he was more well known, "Claude", was always making idle threats that he would take the Gryffons down one way or the other, or dismantle the academic team, since Letourneau was getting stomped by Kadic year after year. Everyone knew the banter was friendly, but Jean-Pierre felt that there was something different about his demeanor this time around. He felt that perhaps Claude had meant what he had said about "picking apart the team by whatever means necessary". Kidnapping he felt, was the most abysmal means of doing this, but it met his suspicions to the note. And when Absalom called, Jean-Pierre was chilled.

Instantly, Absalom and his squad took Principal Letruent to questioning and then not too much later, he was imprisoned for his crimes. Yet, something didn't quite feel right about how rapidly this case was open and shut. The Warriors knew something was dreadfully fishy about the entire situation and spoke about it amongst themselves.

"I doubt he was acting on his own. Principal Letruent wouldn't have done this. We all know what he had said in the past was a ruse. He gets along with Jean-Pierre like they were brothers or something.", Sam mentioned.

"Yeah, this is true. I've noticed how palsy they were in past games against us.", William agreed. It didn't seem like anything Claude would do normally.

"Do you think more kidnappings will occur ?", Aelita asked, with tremors in her voice.

"Not with Absalom's security buffering us as well as the rest of those schools. They seem pretty tough, Ae.", Yumi reassured, clapping her hand on her friend's shoulder.

"I think we should do some further investigation.", Michael suggested.

"Why though ? Artie said, 'cased closed'. It's done.", Milly stated, honestly.

"I think Mike has a good point here, and not to play devil's advocate. But like everyone else on our team, I have been noticing the Principal's unusual actions. I think XANA is involved.", Amy stated, honestly.

"That is what I felt from all along but I was afraid to go out on a limb.", Ulrich chimed in. Even though, technically, the evidence had been filed and Principal Letruent had been incarcerated, the Warriors decided to do a little bit of digging of their own and do what they could to find out who was truly behind the distraction. There was definitely a larger scheme involved here, and they would uncover what it was, even if it meant going against the law to do so.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity