Into the Rabbit Hole

After Letourneau, the group arrived at Diderot Academy, the same school that, once upon a time faced off against Kadic in the Eighth Grade Interschool Soccer Championship so long ago. The kids and adults questioned some of the teachers there but few had any know-how of where the children at Diderot were taken.

"Still nothing. Nada. Zilch !", Odd said, becoming exasperated.

"We haven't even begun our investigation yet, silly !", Sissi stated, obviously. Odd rolled his eyes. He was getting annoyed with lack of information they had failed to gather at this point. He thought to himself,

"How much longer is this going to take ?", but decided it was best to remain patient in this situation. They had to be getting closer to the source of the maker of the conundrum, XANA.

Inexplicably from the middle of the field came a kaleidoscopic vortex and a rather doleful eyed piper was leading children of all ages into it. The melody on his fife was wistful and merry but his eyes were so melancholy it made one want to cry just seeing them. So sorrowful and empty, devoid of any other emotion but agony and misery.

"Follow that pied piper !", Meiyo said in a hush as the rest of the team crept up behind her and took her lead. In single file, the Warriors came after her and entered the vortex, one by one.

"I don't recognize this place.", Meiyo said.

"Neither do I, and both of us have seen our fair share of dimensions.", Amy agreed. The two nodded as if they shared a secret only the two of them shared.

"Well then, where could we be ?", Jeramie inquired.

"Somewhere created entirely by XANA for his evil purposes.", Aelita said, shuddering at the thought of it.

"I don't even know what XANA has in mind this time, but we have to keep following that piper. He'll lead us to XANA.", Leona added. Faithfully the group followed Leona and Aelita on the trail of the piper even though the background was ominous and eerie. Apparently, the children didn't see the dimension as what it was. It was a living, breathing nightmare.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity