The Power of Song

The scenery quickly changed until the cosmos surrounded them. They seemed to be able to breathe normally even though their atmosphere suggested they would not be.

"I will forcefully take your energy from you. How lovely it is that you are always willing to be a sacrifice for people you don't know !", XANA said as he zapped the lot of them. They began to felt winded and XANA felt more powerful.

"Your purity is just what I need to obtain my immortality.", XANA said as he raised his staff again before they could retailiate. The whole group fell to their knees and yelped in agony, gritting their teeth.

"This isn't even a fair fight, you cheater !", Millie whimpered.

"I'm tired of being fair, brat ! I have no soul ! I have no conscious !", XANA hollered. Just then, Amy began to bolster herself up with help from her scythe. She took Leona's hand and she too got up, using her glaive as a crutch.

"You should all be knocked down ! How is it you are able to stand up ? Can you have that much stamina in your veins ?", XANA questioned, infuriated. He was flabbergasted at what he was seeing. He had seen them beat undeniable odds, but this time, their willpower amazed him. Even in their quivering voices, the lot of them sang La Marsellias, the revolutionary anthem of France and of revolution itself.

XANA covered his ears. What was this wretched noise he was hearing ? It was awful, and he couldn't bear it. It was weakening him somehow. The energy he had stolen was being lost with every note that lingered in the air. At last, he was left on his side, cringing and whimpering in fetal position.

"We cannot fight like this. It is an unequal playing field.", Emily said, logically.

"We would be animals to take advantage of this situation.", Taelia added, solemnly. XANA couldn't understand why the Warriors were being so gracious, but they had always been this way in the past.

"Your graciousness won't be forgotten. But next time, you know I am not going to go easy on you, Warriors.", he said, using the last of his power to disappear. The Warriors were left to transmit themselves back home. Despite the fact they were exhausted, they teleported back to France and found everyone fast asleep as if nothing at all had occurred. They had to chuckle momentarily about the irony of the situation, since they themselves would be going to bed. With a click of their cell phones, their Warrior garb disappeared and they were in normal clothes before heading back to their dorms to sleep.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity