"You're right, Ziva ! This really is enjoyable !", Leona exclaimed emphatically as she skied down the slope without any troubles at all. Ziva had taught her how to point her skis effectively and how to stop without falling on her backside.

"Yes, very impressive for two teens out of the desert !", Zach said, reffering to himself and his sister, chuckling as he slid by and stopped next to him with a bit of flair.

"Show off.", Ziva said, playfully poking her sibling in the rib.

"Hey, guys ! I'm getting hungry. What do you say we head back up to the lodge. I hear they're making a creamy potato soup topped with bacon bits, scallions and sour cream. And there is more where that came from.", Odd said, practically salivating at the thought of the 'loaded baked potato' concoction.

"My yes, that sounds delightful.", Edna said, as she followed him up the hill, step by step.

"Why not. I think we could all use a break.", William agreed. With that, the large group of friends and Warriors hiked up the mountain and sat down for a splendid feast the likes of which the Warriors only thought possible on Lyoko when they had been victorious over XANA.

The darkness had come early as it often did during winter. Christmas wasn't far away and everyone was looking forward to celebrating again. It was a blessing for them to be together again, enjoying everyone's company. For the time being, they could all forget about XANA but remain true to their training just like Jim had taught them to do. Although it was enjoyable and fun, the skiing had kept them in shape for whatever tricks XANA had up his sleeve in their next battle. Secretly, they hoped that this would be the final one, but no one could say for sure if that would be the case or not. All that mattered now is everyone was safe, warm, and well-fed. Christmas time had come, and celebration rang throughout the air. As the friends and faculty sang "Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella" and other familiar French carols throughout the night, they were warmed by the reassurance that this tradition would never change, and neither would their friendships.

The End

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity