In time, Emily too was introduced to the Lyokians and was fascinated by its beauty. She and the others would make their return trips as often as they could to see how the Lyokian society was progressing. Some lived in Carthage and others lived in a sector unexplored from before called Stratus. Stratus was quite interesting in the fact that all of the locations were floating islands and the Mystics lived among them.

What the future held for any of the Warriors, no one really knew. Yet, one thing was absolutely certain. Their existence as Warriors would be ongoing no matter what occurred presently. They lived their lives as "normal" young adults, accept their abilities were far beyond anything documented or seen before. Jim and Susanne kept these skills quiet. No one else would ever know, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't believe it.

The next year, the Warriors would be going away to college and matters looked bright for all of them. Albeit that they were moving to Gryphon University and would be in different classes, they could still come together and reunite when they weren't busy. Even in their days off, they would take their respite in Lyoko and enjoy scenery there that couldn't be found anywhere else on the planet. Life was good for all of them, and no matter what circumstances came in the future, they would always be together, and Lyoko would always be their sanctuary as well as their secret oasis; their home away from sweet Terra Firma.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity