Pink Rock Angel is a character from Code Lyoko: Twisted Dementions. She has a very quiet personality and has a very simluar appearance to Aelita and clothing simlar to Black Rock Shooter.


  • Gaia Luna
  • Steel Angel Wings
  • Gaia Sword
  • Gaia Motor


* for some reason, Pink Rock Angel might be Lyoko's version of Black Rock Shooter. Here are the list of things they share together:

  • They both have a rival in hands, BRS with Death Master and PRA with Virus Devil.
  • They both have allys on their side, BRS with Nana, Strength and Black Gold Saw and PRA with Beast Tamer, Sword Master and Black Silver Saw.
  • They are both simluar to other characters, BRS is related to Hatsune Miku and PRA is related to Aelita.
  • They both awoken many years after this period of time, BRS awoken in 2051 in the game and PRA awoken 2050, before BRS awoken.
  • They both have darker counterparts, BRS with White Rock Shooter and PRA with Red Rock Angel.