Pitch Lyoko

Pitch Lyoko is an upcoming crossover between Code Lyoko and The Chronicles of Riddick franchise , primarly Code Lyoko Evolution, and the first Riddick film, Pitch Black(which was released in 2000, 4 years before Code Lyoko first aired in the U.S.). It combines the fantasy aspect of Code Lyoko but also displays the gory, and brutal deaths, and scary moments related to Pitch Black. It is set to get a Mature rating on


On a sunday at Kadic Academy, The group decides to watch the film, Pitch Black, which Odd asked a cousin of his to import a copy, as Odd's cousin was in the U.S.(where the film originated from), after hearing of the movie online. Of course during the movie, X.A.N.A. attacks. This causes a strange power surge which gives X.A.N.A. a brief increase in power which X.A.N.A. uses to bring the characters and aspects of the movie(including a total eclipse, and the monsters of the film). Soon, the team must work with the film's main characters to deactivate the active tower and stop X.A.N.A. while being hunted down by fierce creatures known as Bioraptors, carniverious creatures with light sensitive skin and hunt in the darkness.