Under Siege

He's escaping !", Leona screamed at the top of her lungs as they were fighting off clones.

"We know that, Leona ! Can't you see, we're a bit occupied ?", Ulrich stated, cutting another clone in half.

"Yeah…*slash !* …How are we supposed to…*vivisect !*…Keep up with him with all these… *clang/kaboom !* clones fighting against us ?", Patric added, keeping a count of the clones already slain. They continued coming ad infinitum.

"Maybe we can split into groups ?", Emily mentioned.

"But a small faction of us cannot possibly defeat the Titan alone !", Taelia responded.

"She's right. We're too few in number…And Lyoko can't be relied upon. They've been overtaken and are in XANA's palm.", Aelita whimpered. Though she was sorrowful, she fought fiercely. She was experiencing an emotion she hadn't before called 'anger' and it was unbelievably powerful. But, she didn't like the effect it had on her surroundings. Anger wasn't at all what she thought it would be. Instead of being helpful, it was often destructive and merciless. The complete opposite of her character.

"People are being hurt ! We can't continue at this rate !", Odd yelled, dissecting another clone from stem to stern.

"What do you suggest ? Splitting up won't work…we're surrounded by clones !", Yumi added. There were thousands of them from where there were once only a few.

"Wait a minute…They have a sentinel.", Taelia observed from her visor. This certain clone gave off a signature the others didn't have and was therefore different than the rest.

"What do you mean by that ?", Millie questioned, not understanding.

"She means that this certain clone is a protector of the others, a leader. Apparently, if we attack him, the others will fall.", Tamiya answered.

"Gee, whiz. You're a genius, Tammy.", Millie said, cutting a clone down behind her.

"You're not so bad yourself, my dear friend.", Tamiya stated honestly with a laugh.

The group worked together to fight against the myriad of clones while Meiyo looked for the sentinel. Using 'spiritual insight', she could spot the sentinel and immediately dispatched him with her spear. One by one the clones vaporized and the team could move on. They had expended some energy that they needed to store up for fighting against XANA and the Titan, but luckily, their healers, Suzanne, Emily, Amy and Michael restored the HP/MP/AP for the skirmish to come.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity