Wedded Bliss

Jean-Pierre was in heaven, or as close to heaven as a human being could attain while still on earth. He had been married to Aimee for a while and he had recently been appointed as Principal at a junior high academy known as "Kadic". He had heard quite a bit about the academy and was looking forward to becoming their new principal. Everything seemed to be coming up roses for him and for Aimee. Aimee was as intelligent as she was stunning. She was a wealthy fashion designer for La Harve and adored her work. She even worked as a model for her own clothing line. She was also happy that her husband had received this new position. Jean-Pierre had been a principal before, but never in a high-end academy like Kadic. To be honest, he was ecstatic and eager, just as she was.

Work had been increasingly busy since initially being hired, but Jean-Pierre had been enjoying the work that had been put before him. He had recently come to know a rather pudgy, but engaging middle-aged-man by the name of James Aaron Morales. After the older gym teacher, Hank, had retired, James, or "Jimbo" as most everyone who knew him, had been welcomed with open arms, quite literally. He had also heard the incredible news the day he had been selected as the new gym teacher.

"Jean, I have the most fantastic news !", Aimee said, her voice full of endearment and eagerness.

"What is it, Aimee ?", Jean questioned, inquisitively. He was wondering if Aimee's new clothing line had made strides in La Harve.

"Firstly, Flirtation has done well by leaps and bounds, but that's not the important news, my darling.", Aimee said.

"Well, if it isn't about Flirtation, then what, dear ?", Jean said, growing all the more curious.

"We're going to be parents, Jean !", Aimee exclaimed. For a moment, Jean could even bring himself to speak, but he let out a grand whoop.

"Do you know what gender the baby is ?", Jean asked.

"I have a feeling it will be a girl, but I just found out I was pregnant. So we have a while to wait before I can have an ultrasound. Then we can see for sure.", Aimee said.

"I love you, Aimee. I haven't been this joyful since marrying you...This is unbelievable !", Jean said.

"I know, isn't it ? Well, I better let you go, Mrs. Mulligan is here and she wants to speak to me about Flirtation.", Aimee said, with a high-pitched yet subdued squeal. When Jean hung up the phone, he exited his office and hugged Jim.

"I'm a father ! I'm a father !", he proclaimed, exuberantly.

"Congrats, Sir.", Jim said, with a huge grin.

"Please, Jim. Call me Jean.", Jean said, cordially.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity