• Crossover with Michael Vey


"What? No. A multi-agent... no. That's impossible. I can't be defeated. I am the ultimate intelligance. I...." but even as she said it, Xana knew it wasn't true. (And yes, contrary to what the Lyoko Warriors might think, Xana IS a girl.) He'd defeated her. After years of struggle, the human boy, Jeremy Belpois, had actually found a way to defeat her. Xana watched in horror as a thousand little lights flooded into her virtual dwelling in Sector 5, and then into her own coding. She collapsed in agony.

Chapter 1

Xana stirred. She hadn't thought it was possible, but it was. Xana had been writhing in excruciating torment for the last few years, all traces of her power destroyed. Or so she thought.

She felt her virus in a girl. Her thoughts were overwhelmed with bitterness, and she was in physical contact with a computer, giving Xana full access to her mind. She searched through her mind- Nichelle Turner was her name.  She pulled up a visual- pale and petite, wearing way too much black makeup, with purple streaks in her spiky black hair.

Xana harnessed every ounce of strength she had left to manifest her physical form at Nichelle's location- the ouskirts of Pasadena, California. She manifested standing behind the chair Nichelle was sitting in at a public library, on some social network. She stiffened, and turned, as if she could sense Xana's presence. Her eyes widened. Xana guessed her appearance was a bit unorthodox- electric purple hair and eyes, violet unitard. "You're a glow." she said. "Excuse me?" Xana asked. She had no idea what a 'glow' was. "You're a glow, a person with electric powers!" She looked very exited. She put her hands on her temples and a sharp pain ripped through Xana's mind.